Jai Jawan Jai Kisan Jai Vigyan

At RRDS we promote good health, education and better living. We are a society engaged in the development of rural India. We are taking effort to educate the well-being of all agriculture based society.Agriculture has always been the main source of per capita income of our country. Our effort is not only to save agriculture, but also to save agricultural land.Our motto is to stop urbanization and commercialization of agricultural lands and to promote better farming.

Organic Farming

Our goal is to educate and work with individual farmers in cultivating organic produce like vegetables, horticulture, meat produce and dairy farming.

Dairy Technology

Cattle and poultry breeding


Organic vegetables

Water Filtration

Clean water is the most essential part of our life; it is also the biggest curse for the rural villages. We are working towards providing good health and drinking water to rural villages.We at RRDS have started a water filtration Unit at Reapakka Village in the worst fluoride hit areas of Nalgonda District.We have been successfully supplying water for an entire village of about 150 families.We are also happy to announce our latest filtration plant at Chandrapadu, Ongole, Prakasham Dst.Our goal is to start more water filtration plants in all the rural areas which do not have clean drinking water.

Rural Education

Our children are the future of our country. Educating them and providing them with the right opportunity is very important.India is one of the highest populated countries in child labor. Our mission is to stop child labor. Please join hands to educate our children and provide them the opportunity to develop our country.